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I highly recommend Eden’s Seamoss. It has really controlled my high blood pressure. I can eat pork now without getting a headache. My energy level has been GREAT! It’s so many benefits that seamoss has to offer. I’m now on my second jar of it. Sea moss has definitely been my go too. You all have a lifetime customer. Lol

Tynesha Mitchell

thank you so much for my elderberry my mother has dementia and I wanted to have something for her immune system this is a great product and I highly recommend it to anyone that needs to boost their immune system.

Askis Innis

I had been hearing about Sea moss and the benefits and I decided to give it a try. I have only been using Eden’s Natural Effects strawberry sea moss for a few days and I can tell a difference already. My energy level has gone up, my knees aren’t as achy as they normally are, and it has helped to suppress my appetite! I’m only eating one, maybe two meals a day. I’m also using the sea moss in my skin care regimen. I’m looking forward to even more benefits from using this sea moss.

Melody Walkinginpurpose  Wilson

When I tested positive for COVID-19 I was very nervous. I felt so awful for what seemed to be forever! When I gave Eden’s Natural Effect a try I noticed a change in my condition within the hour! I even started giving my children their daily dose! I’d recommend this company and their products 100 times over!

Brittany Baxter

Thank you for introducing this product. I have a problem with mucus bc I smoke. brought a small bottle to try out. been a week can really notice difference. I usually take a sinus pill every day. I haven't taken for a week. no need too, gel works. feel more energy

Jameka Nelson

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